Chapter 2 Authors and Acknowledgments

2.1 Authors

  • Matthew L. Fidler (core team/developer/manual)
  • Melissa Hallow (tutorial writer)
  • Wenping Wang (core team/developer)

2.2 Contributors

  • Zufar Mulyukov – Wrote initial version of rxShiny() with modifications from Matthew Fidler
  • Alan Hindmarsh – Lsoda author
  • Awad H. Al-Mohy – Al-Mohy matrix exponential author
  • Ernst Hairer – dop853 author
  • Gerhard Wanner – dop853 author
  • Goro Fuji – Timsort author
  • Hadley Wickham – Author of original findLhs in RxODE, also original author of .s3register (used with permission to anyone, both changed by Matthew Fidler)
  • Jack Dongarra – LApack author
  • Linda Petzold – LSODA
  • Martin Maechler – expm author, used routines from there for inductive linearization
  • Morwenn – Timsort author
  • Nicholas J. Higham – Author of Al-mohy matrix exponential
  • Roger B. Sidje – expokit matrix exponential author
  • Simon Frost – thread safe C implementation of liblsoda
  • Kevin Ushey – Original author of fast factor, modified by Matthew Filder
  • Yu Feng – thread safe liblsoda
  • Matt Dowle – forder primary author (version modified by Matthew Fidler to allow different type of threading and exclude grouping)
  • Cleve Moler – LApack author
  • David Cooley – Author of fast_factor which was modified and now is used RxODE to quickly create factors for IDs without sorting them like R does
  • Daniel C. Dillon – Author of stripping utility to reduce size of RxODE/nlmixr executable
  • Drew Schmidt – Drew Schmidt author of edits for exponential matrix utility taken from R package expm
  • Arun Srinivasan – forder secondary author (version modified by Matthew Fidler to allow different type of threading, indexing and exclude grouping)

2.3 RxODE acknowledgments:

  • Sherwin Sy – Weight based dosing example
  • Justin Wilkins – Documentation updates, logo and testing
  • Emma Schwager – R IJK distribution author
  • J Coligne – dop853 fortran author
  • Bill Denney – Documentation updates, manual and minor bug fixes
  • Tim Waterhouse – Fixed one bug with mac working directories
  • Richard Upton – Helped with solving the ADVAN linCmt() solutions
  • Ross Ihaka – R author
  • Robert Gentleman – R author
  • R core team – R authors