Chapter 4 Applications of nlmixr

4.1 Posters and Presentations

A series of posters were presented at different conferences where nlmixr was compared to NONMEM. These findings provide evidence that nlmixr provides a viable open-source parameter estimation alternative for fitting nonlinear mixed effects pharmacometric models within the R environment.

On 8 December 2016, Rik Schoemaker presented a seminar on nlmixr at Uppsala University with the title: nlmixr: an open-source package for pharmacometric modelling in R (PresentationUppsala161208).

nlmixr was presented at the 12th Pharmacometrics Network Benelux Meeting (29 March 2018) with the title: Simulation (RxODE) and parameter estimation in nlmixr (PresentationPNB180326).

4.2 Course: PAGE 2018

The nlmixr team presented a one-day course at PAGE 2018, in Montreux, Switzerland. The examples used in the course are presented here.