The R version of dparser is meant to be used as a package library where you link the C parser to an arbitrary grammer parsed in R. This is what is used in RxODE()

Differences between the R dparser port and the C-version of dparser

There are a few differences between the R dparser port and the standard dparser:

  • The R version uses R memory managment instead of C’s memory managment i.e. malloc
  • The R version is never called from the command line, so all command line interface is removed arg.c
  • The R version doesn’t exit from the command (killing R), but errors out in R.
  • All outputs are using R’s output interface instead of printing to stdout, or stderr.
  • Some convience functions are added to translate (and maybe parse) grammers within R.
  • There is currently some fixes for un-sanitized behaviors that are not in the upstream dparser
  • Currently there isn’t an interface to use binary grammars